Adult Bedwetting

Bedwetting or involuntary release of urine while sleeping, is typical among children, but may also happen among adults or may occur at any age. Adults experiencing frequent bedwetting or waking up to wet sheets at night may feel embarrassed. However, one must understand that this is involuntary and not one’s fault.

When frequent bedwetting happens among adults, it is advisable to see a doctor to know what causes it and know how well to manage it.

What causes adult bedwetting? 

Some causes are not always apparent, but here a few common reasons why bedwetting occurs:

How to manage adult bedwetting?

Talking to your doctor is the first step in managing bedwetting. Your doctor may recommend a physical examination and will likely ask about your urinary patterns and lifestyle; how often you wet the bed, how often you go to the toilet, what your diet and medications are, daily activities or how much fluid you drink every day.

Ways to manage bedwetting:

Incontinence products:

To get overnight protection and ensure uninterrupted sleep, one is advised to wear the best-fitting overnight incontinence product. There are several products available in the market such as Caress Basic Adult Diaper; it has a super absorbent pad with Liquid Distribution Layer (LDL) that draws the liquid away from the skin keeping you feeling dry.  It also has leak-guards to protect from leaks. Aside from these, Caress Basic Adult Diapers also has antibiosis to prevent bed sores as well as deodorization that neutralizes foul odor. One may also try using Caress Adult Diaper Overnight Maxi; it has the same product features of Caress Adult Diaper Basic but with longer and wider super absorbent pad providing a long-lasting and higher protection for a sound sleep overnight without the hassle of changing.

Another option available is adult underwear like Hy-Pants Adult Underwear and Secure Adult Pull-up Pants which can be worn just like an underwear. Hy-Pants Adult Underwear is specially designed for active and on-the-go individuals with light incontinence. It has a slim absorbent magic core and is breathable, allowing incontinents to wear it under regular clothing and helping them to move freely and comfortably. Another brand of an adult underwear available in the market is Secure Adult Pull-up Pants; it has the same product feature of Hy-Pants Adult Underwear but is specially designed for moderate to heavy incontinence sufferers because it has a super absorbent pad with high volume absorbent capacity for leak protection.

 One may also consider using underpads like Caress Underpads. It is a cloth-like wet-proof mat with quilted channels that distribute the wetness across the pad and allow quicker absorption, preventing your mattress and sheets from being soiled.

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