Urinary Incontinence in Adults: I am experiencing urinary leaks. Should I start wearing diapers?

Are you experiencing sudden urine leaks frequently? You feel urine starting to come down and you cannot go to the bathroom in time. You start using a pantyliner, and later, a sanitary napkin in order to buy you time to relieve yourself. Sometimes, this may no longer be enough.

In this case, you might be suffering from urinary incontinence. It happens when the muscles in the bladder suddenly contract, resulting in leaks or uncontrolled urination. There are some options to reduce incontinence, such as medications, pelvic floor exercises, and avoiding specific food and drinks.

Urinary incontinence itself is not a disease, but it can be a symptom of an underlying health issue. Medical procedures can be done to help support the urethra to avoid urine leakage including botox injections, bulking injections, and minimally invasive surgeries. A doctor can guide you through the options that is applicable after the diagnosis.

If bladder leakage is starting to affect your quality of life, then incontinence products such as adult diapers, adult pull-up pants, and adult underwear can help you take control. Unlike sanitary napkins, incontinence products can protect you from unwanted leaks and urine odor. Check out these highly recommended incontinence products to keep you dry from sudden leaks.

Hy-Pants Adult Underwear

Hy-Pants Adult Underwear is made of cottony material, making it comfortable. It has a slim absorbent pad that helps keep you feeling dry while allowing you to move comfortably.  Its outer cover is made of breathable material that allows air to pass through for a cooler feeling, helping prevent rashes.  It also has anti-leak barriers to prevent leakage.  For those who are mobile and active, but have light to moderate incontinence, Hy-Pants is a good option.

Secure Adult Pull-up Pants

Secure Adult Pull-Up Pants is similar with Hy-Pants Adult Underwear. With its stronger absorption quality, it is recommended for those with moderate to heavy incontinence. 

Caress Adult Diapers

When you are only staying home, a basic adult diaper with secure tapes can help for easier changes and more breathability.

Caress Basic – Great for light to moderate leakages, Caress Basic speaks of comfort and protection from wetness. It has a Liquid Distribution Layer that locks in liquid for a dry and comfortable feeling. It allows you to enjoy your favorite daily activities without any fears of leaks.

Caress Day Use Perfect for comfortable daily routines, Caress Day Use keeps you dry throughout the day with its super absorbent pad. Its slim absorbent pad allows you to move comfortably and worry-free. Complete your daily errands or routine while ensuring that you are feeling dry and comfortable and protected from leaks.

Caress Overnight Maxi – For a good night’s rest, Caress Overnight Maxi is the sleeping buddy you need to keep you dry. It has a longer and wider pad with soft cottony cover for overnight comfort and protection from wetness and leakage.

Caress Underpads – Putting on underpads ensures that the bed remains clean and dry throughout your sleep. Caress underpads are made of quick-dry absorbent pad and quilted channels for faster absorption, taking care of accidental urine spills.

 Tips on wearing incontinence products

Change regularly to stay comfortable and odor-free 

Make sure to change diapers often to ensure proper hygiene and to avoid skin rashes and odor. Odor-free adult diapers don’t mean you can wear them all day even if they are soaking wet as urine odor gets worse over time. Best practice is to change diapers even if they become slightly wet, especially if you’re not at home.

Use a barrier ointment or lotion 

Adult diaper rash is the common result from allergic reaction or improper hygiene. To prevent this, you can buy over-the-counter adult diaper creams or consult your doctor for the best ointment or lotion that suits your skin type.

Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes 

While most diapers on the market are thin and discreet, you may need to wear loose clothing to conceal them completely. Avoid wearing skinny jeans or tightly fitting clothes because it might be obvious. It is also important to choose trousers and skirts as this could end up revealing the adult diaper that you wear beneath them.

Wear darker clothing if you are going out

Another trick is to wear darker clothing as it can conceal the bulge of the adult diaper you are wearing. In fact, wearing black, deep neutral color never goes out of fashion.






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