Proper Care and Hygiene Tips for People with Comfort Even with Urinary Incontinence

If you or someone you look after is experiencing urinary incontinence, you’ve probably had to deal with the consequences of them – skin irritation, rashes, and odorOne of the things preventing people with incontinence from wearing or using incontinence products is the fear of discomfort, and skin irritation, leading to possible diaper rashes. Anyone can get a groin skin rash at any age (1). Infrequent changes can lead to irritation from chemicals in urine and stool, fungal infection, or allergic reaction. Skin irritation from trapped heat or moisture, as well as skin barrier damage from rubbing, can aggravate this. Flare-ups of chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema can also cause skin problems. The rashes may be pink to red, peeling, itchy, and painful – but getting a rash is preventable with proper hygiene.

What can be done if there is a rash?

Hygiene tips for incontinence sufferers and caregiver

Choosing the right incontinence products

Finding an adult diaper that fits and performs well may take some trial and error. While the perfect fit should always be taken into consideration, it is most important to choose the right product that would provide both comfort and good hygiene. Settling for less quality diapers may lead to more harm than good, as it can result to skin rashes and odor. Choose for products with an absorbent pad and leakguards that wick moisture away from the skin to reduce the likelihood of a diaper rash, like Caress Adult Diaper.

Another variant one may consider is Caress Overnight Maxi Adult Diaper, specially designed for elderlies with heavy to extra heavy incontinence. It has longer and wider pad with soft cottony cover for overnight comfort, and protection from rashes and leakage providing your elderly loved ones the best care they deserve. . Ensuring that the beddings do not get soiled are spill-proof through the use of Caress underpads which is a quick-dry absorbent pad with quilted channels for faster absorption. Caress Underpads can also pull moisture away from the surface and into its absorbent material, protecting the skin from rashes

One may also try Adult pull-up pants like Hy-Pants Adult Underwear and Secure Adult Pull-up Pants; both are perfect for active and on-the-go individuals. Hy-Pants Adult Underwear has a slim absorbent pad and breathable waistband allowing one to move comforably and worry-free. It has leak-barriers to ensure leak protection. Secure Adult Pull-up Pants offer the same product feature but has higher absorbent capacity, making it ideal for moderate to heavy incontinence sufferers.

For people with incontinence, Hy Pants Adult Underwear, Secure Absorbent Underwear, Secure Adult Pull-up Pants, and Caress Adult Diapers and Underpads can help maintain better hygiene, comfort, convenience and quality of life.

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